Licensing Options Offered by Prolifogy, Inc.

A prominent, full-service, software development company based in the United States, Prolifogy provides software solutions and consulting services to clients throughout the world. The company offers a number of highly flexible licensing arrangements, which help clients secure the level of ownership they require. Here is a quick look at some of Prolifogy’s most common licensing arrangements. 

Full licensing: In a full-licensing arrangement, Prolifogy retains the rights to the final application. Instead of distributing the software itself, the company licenses the product to either the client or other designated entities. 

Complete ownership: Upon successful completion of the software development process, the client enjoys full ownership of the software application. Although complete ownership is typically more expensive than other options, the client can treat the product as if it were developed in-house.

Partial ownership: In a partial ownership arrangement, some parts of the product are licensed and some parts are owned by the client.

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About Prolifogy Inc

Prolifogy Inc. is a privately held software development and consulting company with clients around the world. Its seasoned industry experts can take a project through all phases of the software life cycle. In developing customized software, including developing desktop, mobile, and cloud applications, Prolifogy handles everything from the larger product concepts to the smaller details. All software development is overseen by the company's experts, saving the client the expense of travel. Prolifogy can develop everything from complete business solutions to specific libraries or modules, depending on the client's needs. Prolifogy offers a number of owning and leasing options, including complete ownership, in which all ownership and intellectual property rights are transferred to the client upon completion, giving the client full control over licensing, salability, trade secrets, and extensibility. A company may also opt for partial ownership, a lower-cost arrangement in which only certain parts, modules, functions, libraries, or assemblies are owned by the client. Many of Prolifogy's consulting services are complementary to its software services, and they are often utilized in tandem. Consulting services include offerings in advanced software development, project and team leadership, management consulting, and code review and quality assurance. Prolifogy works with clients of all sizes on all types of software products. In the past, Prolifogy has provided its services to research labs, software companies, government agencies, corporate IT departments, and law firms, to name a few. It has designed and implemented software for a consulting firm specializing in fire safety; collaborated with a well-known university and software company to research ways of synthesizing software; and looked into a number of production source codes for traces of unauthorized use of patented technology.

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