A Software Dilemma: From Idea to Enterpr

A Software Dilemma: From Idea to Enterprise – Today’s most successful enterprise applications were once nothing more than an idea in someone’s head. While many of these applications are planned and budgeted from the beginning, still quite a few applications begin their lives as nothing more than a single-developer experiment with no particular formal design or future in mind. After all, innovation doesn’t always wait around for a plan and a big budget. Before long, the … http://ow.ly/2uRewX

Design as a Deliverable – Before softwar

Design as a Deliverable – Before software can be properly implemented, requirements must first be gathered and a design must be created. It has been shown that when software teams spend the proper amount of time on requirements and design, the cost of producing and maintaining enterprise software decreases dramatically, along with the number of bugs and the duration of the implementation and testing phases. Various research studies have endeavored to identify the “ide… http://ow.ly/2tJAn5

The Perils of Ignoring Implicit Requirem

The Perils of Ignoring Implicit Requirements – The following is based on a true story. Details have been altered to protect anonymity. A national r http://ow.ly/2tiEp8

Why your software needs obfuscation

Here we explore a subject that is usually of utmost importance to a company’s competitive position in the software marketplace, yet is untaught by most accredited computer science programs. Consequently, this subject sits at the periphery of most software developers’ minds, if it sits in their minds at all. This subject concerns the protection of proprietary algorithms and information contained within software applications. Or more notably, the lack of protection.

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Will your software stand up to a Prolifogy code review?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, they say. How strong is your software development chain?

Is your software development team following best practices? Are your trade secrets easy to steal? Are you infringing any patents or copyrights? Will end users find your application too complicated? Will your infrastructure stand up to future expansion and load? Can your vendors and consultants claim any rights to your source code? Are your back end systems vulnerable to attacks?

Astonishingly, the answer to many of these questions is often “yes” according to Prolifogy’s panel of associates—the world’s foremost Ph.D. experts in software engineering. Prolifogy associates have decades of experience and insight into many of the world’s most overlooked, yet most critical aspects of software development. From small startups to large publicly traded companies—no matter the industry—Prolifogy associates have repeatedly discovered that no organization is immune from the potential disasters that await companies that do not proactively search out and resolve these issues.

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Prolifogy associates: software technology leaders

Prolifogy associates are industry-leading software experts, each having extremely deep research-level knowledge of software and and over a decade of experience.  Our associates hold PhDs, publish articles and books, speak at conferences, sit on standards committees.  Some are former industry executives, others teach at universities, while still others have created numerous patented software related inventions.  Prolifogy is available for on-site or off-site software consulting, as well as software development projects.  Visit the company web site now for more details.

Automating Business Intelligence with Software Development

For every employee who performs a critical function for your business, there exists a customized software application waiting to be created that can perform the same function faster, more accurately, and less expensively. Prolifogy can make it happen with its staff of Ph.D. industry-leading experts working alongside its world-class software development team.

Not long ago, such ideas were pure science fiction. However, today’s software applications are capable of learning, reasoning, and making critical business decisions quickly and correctly. However, customized software using state-of-the-art technology is not sold off-the-shelf. You need industry-leading software experts who understand the latest and know how to properly apply them to business critical solutions.

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