4 Reasons Requirements Analysis Must Be Priority One –

Builders don’t construct homes without blueprints. Manufacturers can’t make a product without knowing what it’s supposed to be. And software designers can’t create a piece of software without first determining what the application is expected to do, a process called requirements analysis or requirements gathering.

This may seem like common-sense protocol, but … http://ow.ly/Mz4ty


Prolifogy Joins World Wide Web Consortium –

As of January 1, 2015, Prolifogy was honored to become a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an important and influential standards body created by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

W3C was founded … http://ow.ly/Ja8mI

Why Your Company Needs a Code Review –

When your business makes headlines, you don’t want it to be because of software glitches caused by subpar source code. Everything may look great on the surface, but cracks in the foundation—such as incorrect assumptions, untested scenarios, noncompliance with best practices, and other errors and omissions in the code—can quickly cause your company’s reputation to come tumbling down.

Here are six … http://ow.ly/Fru5X

5 Reasons Not to Use Expert Witness Referral Services –

5 Reasons Not to Use Expert Witness Referral Services – When attorneys seek an expert witness for a litigation matter, it seems reasonable to use an outside company for recruiting an expert. This arrangement presumably allows the attorneys to focus more on the matter at hand and spend less time recruiting experts.

There are two types of firms an attorney may approach … http://ow.ly/DtPeR

Updating Legacy Software Applications –

Updating Legacy Software Applications – Legacy business applications which were “bleeding edge” just 2 years ago now seem to have a funny way of sending your customers running in the opposite direction. You understand that these applications need to be upgraded, and quickly. But how and to what, exactly? Although upgrading enterprise software has never been a pleasant experience, today’s IT professionals face so many tough technical choices, it’s enough … http://ow.ly/2wQXyf

Licensing Options Offered by Prolifogy, Inc.

A prominent, full-service, software development company based in the United States, Prolifogy provides software solutions and consulting services to clients throughout the world. The company offers a number of highly flexible licensing arrangements, which help clients secure the level of ownership they require. Here is a quick look at some of Prolifogy’s most common licensing arrangements. 

Full licensing: In a full-licensing arrangement, Prolifogy retains the rights to the final application. Instead of distributing the software itself, the company licenses the product to either the client or other designated entities. 

Complete ownership: Upon successful completion of the software development process, the client enjoys full ownership of the software application. Although complete ownership is typically more expensive than other options, the client can treat the product as if it were developed in-house.

Partial ownership: In a partial ownership arrangement, some parts of the product are licensed and some parts are owned by the client.

To learn more about the licensing and ownership options available at Prolifogy, visit prolifogy.com.

Finding Litigation Code Review Experts –

Finding Litigation Code Review Experts – The discovery phase of IP litigation often calls for a technical review of a software product. A code review is an activity conducted by an expert witness that involves reviewing the source code of a product to discover pertinent facts relevant to the case. The specific facts depend on the purpose of the review. In patent cases, the search may involve looking for specific functionality buried within a mire of source code. For co… http://ow.ly/2vLneL